About Us

We are Kenzie and Jamie, the faces behind Turtle Rock Designs! 
How did we start?
Creating stunning granite kitchens and bathroom is my (Kenzie) parents business @blackbirdstoneandtile. With each visit home Jamie and I have always been "wowed" by the variety and spectacular patterns of each slab.
We always imagined one day our dream kitchen filled with granite countertops, but with student debt, an upcoming wedding and a rental property our granite filled home seemed years away. We thought to ourselves "how do we get the a similar luxurious look for a fraction of the cost?"
With stone manufacturing there is always a certain amount of under utilized material and off cuts that can't be used. "Ah HA" this is what got our wheels turning. Perhaps we could find a way to repurpose them, saving them from the inevitable landfill. We took a few pieces home that weekend, bought a mallet and chisel and got to work.
Just like that we had quickly turned our garage into a dust filled, stone workshop. I was obsessed with what we were creating!! I could just picture the most perfect charcuterie boards served with prosciutto and aged cheese. The next day I came home to find a granite centre piece on our coffee table, a dish soap holder next to the kitchen sink and a piece in our bathroom scattered with lotions and my perfume. Jamie instinctively decorated our home adding a "touch of granite" to each room. This added touch of luxury turned our home filled with mismatched furniture from our university days to a place that made us smile from ear to ear.
Though my instinct was to showcase these pieces as charcuterie boards, it quickly became apparent that the magnitude of there uses were far beyond what we first imagined and hence Turtle Rock Designs was born.